So, I just logged into WoW.

Didn’t know what to do, so did a few PvP pet battles. I guess this says it all. Who would choose to do PvP pet battles?

I went back to my list of a few weeks ago to see if I could get some inspiration.

  1. Gold making. For what? Really, I mean what is the point? I have never had much money in the game and never felt restricted.
  2. Alts. Not sure I can face the Pandaria levelling experience any more.
  3. Hunter pets. Maybe. More thought about this is needed.
  4. Battle pets. Not interested.
  5. Sort out my professions. Maybe!
  6. Mounts. I need more mounts. Do I? Can only ride one at a time.
  7. Achievements. Finish off some of those old pesky raid achievements. I HATE ACHIEVEMENTS.

Maybe I am just not in the mood for WoW today, or yesterday, or Saturday (was hungover / drunk then but you get the point).

I am thinking that the £8.99 a month could be utilised better. I could buy a new game every 3 or 4 months. This would be awesome. Something new every few months. What could be better?

I could get my MMO fix from SWToR or Rift or GW2 – these are free.

So maybe that is the answer. Take a break from WoW. Go out and get some other gaming done.

I can quit WoW right? Who knows!

What now?

So, I have left Harvest Moon. My home of over 20 months. I am sad about this. I met many good people and had a great time raiding through 5.0-5.3.

Their raid team has decided to go hardcore for 5.4. This is not something I am interested in. I prefer a more casual approach to raiding. Sure, it is fun to kill bosses, but that is just part of the attraction for me now.

Hardcore requires a focus I can no longer give to a game. I would only be slowing them down.

So here I am. Guildless. Feels very strange. I have not been guildless since day 1. Some 8 years ago. I have toyed with the idea of finding another raiding guild more aligned to my raiding needs, but have decided that the place I want to be is not dependant on raiding. Jaedia (also an ex Moony) is going to be setting up a guild and I am going to join that.

We may not get to raiding straight away, or ever for that matter, but it is going to be fun, being in from the beginning and seeing what we can turn it into.

There are plenty of side projects I can work on in the mean time.

  1. Gold making. I have been hovering around the 50k mark for a while. Time to put some effort into making more.
  2. Alts. I have lots of alts. Only 2 toons currently at 90.
  3. My Hunter has quite a few open pet slots now there are 55 available.. time to go hunting some of those rares.
  4. Battle pets. I have done some stuff… got a few to 25. But not really had any battle plan to attack this.
  5. Sort out my professions. I have quite a few cross overs. Need to get them all covered for 6.0
  6. Mounts. I need more mounts.
  7. Achievements. Finish off some of those old pesky raid achievements.

So, onwards and upwards.

As a side note, I am going to try and keep my blog a bit more updated going forward.


Download Festival 2013 – Day 3


After the disappointment of Iron Maiden the previous night I had some high hopes for the Sunday. It was by far my favourite line up.

My wife and I spent almost all day camped out at the main stage. After procuring beers and cider we headed to a good spot to catch the days music.

We arrived just as Cancer Bats were finishing their screeching set. Not my kind of band at all. Seemed to get the crowd going though, and shortly after Bev and Steve turned up having been down the front.

Coal Chamber were next on… Not sure that it was music. Lets just move on!

One of my must see bands were up next. Five Finger Death Punch. O. M. G. What a set they did. They interacted with the crowd and kicked out some of their best songs. I really loved the cover of Bad Company – one of my favourite songs. We were both left wanting more as they departed. Andy Copping needs to get them later in the bill next time. 40 mins was not enough.

Had not heard of Parkway Drive before the festival, but will certainly keep an ear out for them now. I am not sure how they got to play later than FFDP, but what they played seemed pretty good.

Up next were Stone Sour. Yet another awesome set by Corey Taylor and co. Hearing 30,000+ people singing to Bother was incredible. A couple of covers, Children of the Grave by Sabbath and Nutshell by Alice in Chains, topped off a nice spread of songs across all the albums. Thirteen tracks done in total.

Gaslight Anthem were up next. Personally I think they were a strange choice for Download. I liked the music and it was nice just to sit down and drink with it in the background. They would have been better placed at Glastonbury I suspect. Bit too indie!

Next up, my wife’s favourites, 30 Seconds to Mars. Managed to get pretty close for these guys. Great songs (although mostly not really me), great audience participation and a great stage presence. I am glad I have seen them and can check them off my list.

Now came a hard decision… All of Limb Bizkit, who never fail to entertain, then the end of Rammstein, OR first couple of Bizkit for all of Rammstein, who I had never seen before. Mother nature decided this for us. We got 4 songs into Limb Bizkit’s great set and needed to pee. So after having sung and bounced our way through Rollin’, Nookie, Hotdog and My Generation we headed for the loos.

This was just in time to catch the end of the first Rammstein song. What a lucky break this was. I doubt I will ever see a spectacle like the one put on by German rockers. There was so much fire, so much beating on the poor keyboard player who was made to walk constantly throughout the show on a running machine, so much RAW power. It was immense. I won’t go into what happened exactly on stage as I would not want to ruin the experience for anyone else wanting to go.

People had told me how good Rammstein were live, and I kind of always took it with a pinch of salt, but they were right. This was by far the best band I have ever seen live.

Not the greatest of pictures..
Not the greatest of pictures..

Download Festival 2013 – Day 2


Woke up SORE! That damn walk back to the hotel… *glares at wife*. Breakfast looked awful.. but tasted great. Having an egg station was a bonus though.

This was my least favourite day for bands. I had even contemplated heading into Derby instead for a few hours, but decided that Derby would be worse than listening to bands I had no interest in. And I am glad I did head straight to the park.

Minibus into the festival again. First up.. cider. 2 pints to get the party started.

Decided on camping the Zippo Encore stage for most of today. Heaven’s Basement were first on stage after we had got settled. Wasn’t sure what to expect from these guys. Only really heard one or two songs by them before the festival. The were great. Lead singer is a bit too like Justin Hawkins for my liking. When they had finished I found myself wanting more… a good sign I suppose.

Hardcore Superstar were up next. Had only really youtube’d this lot before the festival. I thought they were OK. Pretty tight and the crowd seemed to love it. Only really knew “We don’t celebrate Sundays”, which everyone sung along to.

Next on the Zippo were Escape the Fate. SHITE! Moving on.

I knew absolutely nothing about the next couple of bands Katatonia and Karnivool. Both were prog rock types and I did enjoy listening to both of them. The lead singer of Katatonia had a lot of hair! My wife thought he looked like cousin Itt.

Lit were on next. Little bit meh for me. Although they sounded good, they are a little bit pop. Maybe a little out of place.

After the PA system started playing Thunderstruck by AC/DC we all knew it was time for Thunder. These guys still rock even though they are well over 90 now getting on a bit. They blasted out 6 songs, starting with my favourite Dirty Love. They sounded just like they did 20 odd years ago. Excellent stuff and the highlight so far.

Jimmy Eat World a band I liked a while ago were up next. I have kind of gone off them over the last few years as my taste got a heavier, but they are still a great band. Performed all the hits and I found myself singing away to most of them. Excellent set.

Next up we were moving over to the main stage to catch Iron Maiden. On the way though, via more beer and cider, we caught the end of the QOTSA set. Holy crap they are dull. I liked the album Songs for the Deaf, but this was awful. Glad I hadn’t gone to see them over Jimmy Eat World.

We finally took our place for Iron Maiden. I was so excited. This is the band I grew up with in the late 70s and 80s. First signs were great. A spitfire flying overhead. How cool is that? Maiden take the stage and start with Moonchild – not a favourite, but still a great song. What I heard was a out of breath Bruce, trying his best to get to the end of the song. I was gutted. Maybe I am being unfair and over critical, but these guys are legends to me and I expected more. Maybe I am just comparing them to the last time I saw them 25 years or so ago. This lot we a shadow of what I had been expecting…. so after 3 songs, we headed out. I could take no more.

Back at the hotel I consoled myself with the fish and chips (very good and I would recommend) and went to sleep.. keen to get to my favourite day.. Sunday.

Highlight of my day was camping out at the zippo stage with friends, drinking and laughing at this guy:


Download Festival 2013 – Day 1

Just returned from an excellent download Festival. I think it was the best Download I have been to. The atmosphere was friendly, the music was loud and the weather was mostly great for festival going. Here is my story of the weekend.

We, my wife (Blog and twitter) and I, don’t do camping. EVER! So only option was a hotel. We chose the Radisson Blu which is about 3 miles from Donington Park. We stayed here based on staying the last night here last year. Unfortunately, when we turned up at midday, we couldn’t check in; room not ready. We left our bags in the hotel staff’s capable hands and headed to the Festival in a minibus the hotel had laid on. At just £5 each way this seemed like a good idea. We only bought tickets for the journey out as we wanted to test how the walk back would be, more on this mistake later.

On arrival at the site, we made a n00b mistake and got in the wrong queue. Have to change the tickets into a wristband each first. Doh! But as a bonus we managed to smuggle in one flask of Jack Daniel’s and one of Bacardi (rum based cocktails for the ladies).

After cashing in some real money for beer tokens (£4.50 a token), we headed straight for the bar, as there was no one currently playing we fancied watching. The top bar had a decent selection of beer this year. The lager this year was again Tuborg and it is still crap. The cider was Somersby which was a lot nicer than last year’s offering. The ale on offer was Otter and Hobgoblin. A bonus for me as I like both of those. Trooper beer was also available from separate vendors – yet another bonus.

Met up with friends here too (Mark, Bev, Steve and Nigel). And had a few bevvies, before the heavens opened. Rain soon cleared though and we all moved over to see Uriah Heep on the Zippo Encore stage.

Uriah Heep

I don’t know much about Uriah Heep, but they played a good set and the sizeable crowd appreciated what they had seen.

Next up were Dragonforce. I had been looking forward to seeing them, although a little worried how the new lead singer would fit in. Oh god where do I start…. they were shocking. Overly long guitar solos and much prancing around. By the time they got to Through Fire and Flames, my favourite, I just wanted them to get off the stage.

Eighties rockers, Europe were next. Great I thought… a band I loved growing up, how bad could this be? Very is the answer. If they came on and just did Rock The Night and Final Countdown that would of been great. Those to songs were amazing, the rest forgettable.

Danish “metalbilly” act Volbeat were next on the stage. Wow. What an awesome set. I had been looking forward to seeing them a lot and I was not disappointed. From start to finish they killed it. Highlight for me was Sad Man’s Tongue which had the whole crowd going. Highlight of the day for me.

3 Doors down took to the stage after Volbeat. Not really my kind of music, but we caught the first few songs heard Kryptonite and moved on to the main stage.

The first act of the weekend for us on the Main stage was Bullet for my Valentine. Another band I had really been looking forward to. These guys rocked the place out. They played just about every single one of my favourite songs apart from All these things I hate which was a shame. Everyone went nuts when they played Scream, Aim, Fire. BFMV – big thumbs up.

We had planned on watching Slipknot to top the day off, but having decided on walking back to the hotel and having seen them a few times in the past, we decided to head for the hotel.

The walk pretty much finished me off and I just collapsed back in the hotel room. Note to self: Must get fitter!


Finally excited again by World of Warcraft

As most of you will know, I have spent the last 6 months or so switching from one MMO to the next, searching for a game to satisfy everything I want/need from an MMO. I have played:

  • WoW
  • GW2 Beta
  • TSW
  • Rift
  • Tera

I have high hopes for GW2 and beta was great, but none of the others have offered the one thing that keeps me going back to WoW – playability. Yes the graphics are not as good as SWTOR and the others, but the feel of the game is far superior. I have enjoyed  TSW but don’t feel very connected to it and at £11.49 a month it would have to be outstanding. SWTOR I do love, because let’s face it.. STAR WARS!! But the hero engine they have used just doesn’t make you feel like you are actually hitting stuff. Rift was quiet! Tera was just awful!

So, I will be playing 2 games come autumn. World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2.

I have made some changes – to my hunter.

  1. Changed faction back to Alliance
  2. Moved to a PVE server to be with Harvest Moon.
  3. Changed race and sex to Draenei female
  4. Switched spec to BM.

I am not sure which has pleased me the most or if it is just the combination, or it could even be the impending release of Mists of Pandaria. Yes, I am still looking forward to GW2, but I actually think I am more excited by MoP. I love my hunter. I have played her for near on 6 years. How could I possibly think of giving up. I am now trying to make a list of things I want to complete on my hunter, called Eevie on Ghostlands EU if you’re interested, before MoP hits. The last spirit beast I got was a long time back in Wrath. Skoll has been my trusty BM pet of choice ever since. I am going to try and get a few more – also some of the rarer pets.

  1. I am still missing the polearm and tier gloves from LFR Dragon Soul – would be nice to get them.
  2. I should do some research into any hunter changes for MoP, because upto now I haven’t looked at anything.
  3. Seems I am going to need some pets for MoP.. maybe I should try and expand my small collection.

Anything else I am missing?

Guild Wars 2 Beta

I spent about 10 hours playing the first Guild Wars 2 open beta this past weekend. Here are my thoughts on the state of the game.

I played all 3 of the available races – Charr, Norn and Human. Sylvari and Asura were not available. I am not a fan of the Charr – don’t really like running on all fours! The Norn, hmm, the male movement is possibly the worst I have seen in any game.. EVER! Human will be my choice going forward.

All the starting areas are impressive places, but because of Divinity’s Reach, the Human starting area was my favourite. The city is huge, and mightily impressive. We are certainly not in Stormwind any more!

I played the following professions

Ranger – Human Male

This is the profession I was, in my mind before I started, going to play in live so it got the most attention from me. It is not just a standard ranged pewpew class at all. You get a pet (obviously) and can choose from 3 at the beginning. You can train up any juvenile creature in the game – they require no levelling up as they jump straight to your level. Favourite weapon combo was Long bow, and then second set of Sword and Dagger. Loved the melee aspect of combat almost as much as the ranged.

Engineer – Human Female

This was a bit of a surprise for me. I liked the profession a lot. Especially while dual wielding pistols. Dropping down a machine gun and tossing grenades was FUN! This will require a lot more investigation and I can really see this being my main.

Thief – Norn Female

Not my favourite at all. Seemed very squishy. I am not sure what I was expecting here, having no experience of this type of class. I did speak to a guy who was loving it dual wielding pistols though. I will have to give this another go in future betas.

Elementalist – Charr Male

This was fun. Unfortunately I didn’t get too much time to play this profession. Switching between different types of spell (I only had Fire and Air, but there were 2 other locked options) was a very good idea. Was sort of like a mage, but having access to all trees.

Warrior – Norn Male

Didn’t get much chance here. Basically down to the race I had chosen… see previous comment on Norn movement. It would be unfair to comment on this profession.

Necromancer – Human male

Very “warlocky”. You get to control the dead and call upon minions. This is the only profession I tried in PvP, and it was great fun. I didn’t do much but PvP so can’t comment on the lower levels, but max level PvP was interesting and for once I kind of enjoyed it.


There are good and bad things in this game.

The Good

  • Landscape. It is wonderful. The cities are amazing, and I mean FUCKING amazing. Best I have seen in an MMO by a long way.
  • Combat. Feels great. Weapon swapping it genius. It is also the little things – I can fire my bow whether I have something targetted or not – I like that a lot. Different skills depending on weapons is very cool also. Completely changes your play style
  • Questing. The days of looking for an exclamation mark are over. As you move into an area you are automatically put onto the quest.
  • Dynamic events. Much like Rift, GW2 has dynamic events which happen every so often. It is more localised than with Rift and not on as grander scale, but still gets a lot of participation.
  • Exploring. I spent a lot of time just looking around. It is not as grand as say checking out Elder Scrolls landscape, but this is pretty epic for an MMO.
  • Death. Fighting for your live is just COOL.
  • Dodge. Dodging incoming mobs attacks is a great addition, once you get used to it.

The Bad Not So Good

  • Character Graphics.  This may be down to the engine using directx 9 on my PC, but the character model graphics could be MUCH better. And what is it with the female characters. They all look like barbie dolls!
  • Character movement. Charr is fine I guess, if you like to run on all fours, but Human and Norn (especially Norn) is shocking. It makes it feel like your character is not connected to the world somehow.
  • Not enough quests. This may be my fault, but I had trouble in the Human starting area questing at my level. Maybe I missed something I am not sure, but I fast got behind by a level or two which lead to a lot of deaths.



  • The main bug I got was a strange one. At some angles, looking in various directions the landscape went blank. I could overcome by angling my view up or down but it really did start to piss me off. I have reported this.
  • I had to completely turn off the Depth of Field setting in my graphics settings or the whole landscape was blank.. regardless of angle or direction. This caused me a little panic when I first logged in and I could see nothing but my UI!! But some switching on and off of settings I finally got it… shame it was the last one on the list – Reported it as a bug

These 2 bugs seem to affect people with AMD Radeon cards the most.. but not everyone.




Youtube video – I missed sound at the beginning – fraps fail!

Long time – SWTOR 1.2 and GW2

Been a long time since I last wrote anything on this blog. I am sure the millions handful of readers this site has will be happy I am back.

Firstly, no excuse, but I was off on holiday and have had shit loads of work to do, so pretty much all gaming has taken a back burner. Now that I am back and it seems work has finally calmed down I can get back to some serious gaming.

I have dabbled back in SWTOR. I like what I have seen of patch 1.2. Improved performance and graphics have been the highlight. The legacy system is well… ok. Just window dressing really – but fun I guess. Would have preferred they added a LFG tool instead of spending time on the Legacy stuff – which, when all is said and done, mainly for the weirdos  role-players.

I have been turned to the darkside. I am now levelling to Imperial characters, a bounty hunter, Ahkesh and a Marauder, An’deh (see what I did there?). They are only levels 25 and 12 respectfully – but wow did the Imps get some seriously better story lines! Plus their armour is WAY cooler looking.

This weekend though will be Guild Wars 2 beta weekend. I am very excited!

Not sure what professions I am going for… may try a load of them to get a good idea what I will play in live. Ranger, warrior and thief are the ones I really like the look of .

Will do another post when I have recovered from 48 hours of weekend gaming!


On a side note, anyone know why I suddenly can’t access any comments? WP says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”.. WTF!

Sage DPS

Thought I would talk a little bit about my Sage’s DPS spec.

This is my current DPS build. It is a hybrid Balance / Telekinetics build – 0/13/28

The basic rotation is as follows:

1. Weaken Mind (WM) – reapply when expired.
2. Force in Balance (FiB) – reapply on CD – This gives you a 20% buff to DoT damage (WM and MC) for 10 ticks or 30 seconds.
3. Telekinetic Throw (TT) – This is your spammable ability.

After that it become a priority more than a rotation:

When Psychic Projection (PP) procs you can get off 2 casts of TT at double speed – this is currently a bug and will be fixed soon I guess. This is a must and take priority over EVERYTHING else.

On Presence of Mind (PoM) proc, instant cast Mind Crush (MC). This gives you a 20% buff to your next 2 force attacks also.
If MC is on cooldown and has longer than a couple of secs left, instant cast Telekinetic Wave (TW). This one all depends on how much force you have. Under about 70% I do not cast it.

I save Force Project (FP) for when I am moving.
TW I use for AOE along with Force quake (FQ).

This spec is a bit of a “watch the buffs” spec but it does seem to kick out pretty impressive DPS. No HUGE hits, but a lot of consistent low to medium damage.

Of course I have not tried this in a raid, but the logic seems solid.